"Great Stone" Industrial Park continues to raise cooperation with European business

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  • "Great Stone" Industrial Park continues to raise cooperation with European business

What benefits "Great Stone" industrial park offers to German business is represented by Industrial Park Development Company during the IV Manufacture's Forum, April 12, 2019 in Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany. This is one of the largest business centers in Europe, where the interests of German companies are concentrated and the headquarters of transnational corporations and financial institutions are located. During the forum, B2B talks are held with German companies.

German business is already involved in "Great Stone". Two companies with German capital are registered as residents of the industrial park (total number of residents is 43). They are are going to manufacture products from new materials, as well as medical products. Moreover, the German management company of Duisburg port (Duisburger Hafen AG), which is one of the shareholders of Industrial Park Development Company, takes part in strategic decisions on the development of the industrial park.

The IV Manufacture's Forum in Germany is a part of Europenian road-show to promote the Great Stone's opportunities for business. Similar events have been already taken in London, UK at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, in Hamburg, Germany at the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, in Hannover, Germany at Hannover Messe 2019, as well as in Geneva, Switzerland at the UNCTAD, and in Zhanto, the Geneva suburb.

In coming months, the park will be presented in other cities of Germany, Austria, Poland, Spain, and other European countries.
Industrial park "Great Stone" with area of ​​112.5 sq. km is an international project. It provides the most favorable business conditions, which are equally applied to investors from any countries.