EBRD Vice President Alain Pilloux visited the Industrial Park Great Stone

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  • EBRD Vice President Alain Pilloux visited the Industrial Park Great Stone

On June 8, 2018 on the territory of the industrial park was held the meeting of Yaroshenko A.G., the head of the industrial park administration, Hu Zheng, chief executive officer (CEO) of the Industrial park development company CJSC and Bai Ming, deputy general director of the joint company with Alain Pilloux , the EBRD vice president.

The EBRD delegation visited the show room, got acquainted with the history of the park and the project developing process. The EBRD management was informed about the quantitative and qualitative composition of the park residents.
During driving around the park territory, the delegation visually appraised the scope of the project and the pace of the territory development.
In the business center of the joint company Alain Pilloux held talks with Hu Zheng, the chief executive officer (CEO) of the joint company. The parties discussed prospects of mutual cooperation. While growing EBRD activity in the financial market of the Republic of Belarus, there were highlighted broad prospects and opportunities for the EBRD in work with investors and residents of the industrial park, as well as in cooperation with the joint company. The fact that the EBRD was the first among international banks who signed a memorandum with the joint company gives good possibilities for the cooperation.
Alain Pilloux noted that during his recent meeting with Lukashenko A.G., the President of the Republic of Belarus, a huge attention was paid to the development of the Great Stone project. An interest was expressed in the promotion of the park in the countries and organizations participating in the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. The EBRD Vice President spoke about the successes in cooperation with the Austrian project implemented in the Great Stone, and also pointed out the high potential of other companies and projects of the park to attract the EBRD not only as a lending bank, but also as a participant in the share capital.
The parties agreed to create an information channel for regular information exchange, in addition, the EBRD will participate in the presentation of the banking sector opportunities of the Republic of Belarus for partners, investors and residents of the Great Stone scheduled for July.
At the end of the meeting, Alain Pilloux noted the dynamically growing interest of the European business in the investment opportunities of Belarus, invited the management of the joint company, the administration of the park to establish close cooperation with the Eastern Committee of the German economy and in the near future to take part in presentations of the park's investment opportunities on the basis of the committee.
The cooperation of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development with the Great Stone is a good opportunity for both sides to take an active part in the implementation of the «One Belt, One Way» initiative and to establish mutually beneficial cooperation with global logistics and production corporations.
The joint company is open for cooperation in all areas with international financial organizations and is ready to act as a bridge between those who are interested in organizing joint effective work for the sake of the successful future of the Great Stone industrial park.