What is the procedure for obtaining resident status in the Park?


  1. Сompany registration in the Republic of Belarus;
  2. Signing of Accession agreement with the Industrial Park Administration;
  3. Signing of land purchase/lease agreement with Industrial Park Development Company.
What is the procedure for registering legal body in the territory of the Industrial Park?
  1. Making a decision on the company creation in the territory of the Industrial Park;
  2. Making a choice of legal form of the company;
  3. Receiving confirmation of the company name;
  4. Forming management board, execution and signing of documents by founders of the company;
  5. Submitting documents to the Industrial Park Administration (registration authority) and making a state registration within the same day, receiving the registration certificate;
  6. Making an official seal of the company;
  7. Forming labour relations with company's Chief-Executive Officer and Chief-Accountant;
  8. Opening bank settlement account;
  9. Signing an agreement for depositary and consultation service. Registration of shares by the authorized governmental body.

The development of construction projects of the China-Belarus industrial Park, the development and coordination of project documentation, construction, commissioning of facilities in the Park can be carried out according to technical legal acts of People’s Republic of China and other foreign countries, under the condition that documentation has passed state expertise of the Republic of Belarus.

Investment project of the company must correspond to the following criteria in order to be registered as the Park resident:

Finance criteria

Required amount of investment for the project implementation is not less than USD 5 million.

If project implemented in the sphere of research and development - not less than USD 1 million.

Activities type Criteria

Manufacture sectors:

  • electronics;
  • pharmaceuticals;
  • fine chemistry, biotechologies, new materials, logistics;
  • research and development in the mentioned above sectors;
  • infrastructure construction and devеlopment.

According to the respective laws of the Republic of Belarus, residents of the Republic of Belarus and non-residents (a customer, a contractor, a designer, etc.) can be participants of construction activities.

Choice of the land plot is made by the resident, taking into account the Industrial Park Master plan, which defines the strategy of spatial development of the Industrial Park and zoning of its territory, as well as the schedule for it’s detailed planning.

Companies registered by registration authorities other than the Industrial Park Administration may become the resident of the Industrial Park. However, before the submission of necessary documents to the Industrial Park Administration, and in order to get resident status, such company must notify in written form about its relocation to the territory of the Industrial Park.

Land plots are provided to the Industrial Park residents and investors for ownership, lease or sublease.

The contract of purchase and sale, lease of land is signed between the resident of the Industrial Park/Investor and the Industrial Park Development Company.

1.When foreign citizens and stateless persons enter the territory of the Republic of Belarus in a visa-free manner, these persons are subject to register in the established procedure in the citizenship and immigration office within five days (except for Sundays and public holidays) at the place of actual temporary stay.

When changing the place of temporary stay, a foreign citizen is obliged to register at a new place of temporary stay within five days (except for Sundays, public holidays and public holidays).

2.When applying to the citizenship and immigration office for a foreign citizen registration, it is recommended to have with you:

a notice of the inclusion in the list of persons whose movement across the State Border of the Republic of Belarus is allowed without a visa, officially issued to this person by the administration of the China-Belarus industrial park “Great Stone” (as the basis for the entry into the territory of the Republic of Belarus without a visa);

a ticket (its printout) when a foreign citizen enters the territory of the Republic of Belarus not through international check points (for example, not from the territory of the Russian Federation) (to confirm the date of entry). In the absence of a ticket, the date of entry can be established by obtaining this information from the applicant (according to his words), and also confirmed by a copy of the employment order of this foreign citizen for work (if he/she was hired from the day following his entry into the territory of the Republic of Belarus).

3.If it is necessary to obtain a temporary residence permit for a foreign citizen residing in the Republic of Belarus before the 180-day period expires, it should be assumed that this will entail a change in the legal regime of stay in the Republic Belarus. Proceeding from this, it is advisable to declare the full period of temporary residence of a foreign citizen for the understanding of his/her involvement goal in the Republic of Belarus (within the maximum established period for this legal regime by law), since the return to the legal regime of temporary residence of a foreign citizen on the territory of the Republic of Belarus will require him/her to entry into the Republic of Belarus again.

In addition, it is necessary to take into account that the declared period of temporary residence of a foreign citizen must correspond to the term of renting residential premises (in accordance with the rental agreement or other document confirming the possibility of living in this residential premises) - and the term of the dwelling rent should not be less than the requested period of his temporary residence.