Industry Positioning

Mechanical Engineering

  • abrasive tools production;
  • transmissions manufacturing;
  • manufacturing of plastic auto parts;
  • manufacturing of filters for auto;
  • production of woodworking machines;
  • manufacturing of laser equipment for metal processing;
  • production of metalworking machines;
  • equipment for agriculture;
  • production of tooling;
  • power equipment production etc.


  • 3d printers production;
  • auto electronics manufacturing;
  • air conditioners production;
  • production of compact household appliances;
  • data storage devices production;
  • video control systems production;
  • satellites and satellites equipment production etc.

Fine Chemistry

  • manufacturing of high polymer materials;
  • production of daily-use chemicals;
  • fuels production;
  • coatings production;
  • pigments production;
  • additives production etc.


  • biopharma production;
  • biopharmaceutical, biological reagents;
  • chemical pharmaceutical;
  • medical devices;
  • R&D outsorsing and life information;
  • production of generics;
  • advanced grain processing with lysine and gluten production;
  • manufacturing of ecobio microalgae-run mini heat power plants;
  • pigment production etc.

New Materials

  • high-purity quartz production;;
  • products from ceramics and metal-ceramics materials;
  • manufacturing of quartz glass products;
  • polysilicon production;
  • manufacturing of glass fiber composites;
  • production of heat-insulating materials from flax etc.


  • international procurement;
  • distribution and delivery;
  • transit trade;
  • bonded warehouse;
  • bonded exhibition;
  • maintenance and testing in the bonded area;
  • R&D in the bonded area etc.